I rarely update this section. Most of my projects are either on Förvillelser or github/vorce.

Here's some older stuff...


Much like Transturtle the mission of Logorator is to produce surprising graphics, but from a more controllable initial state. Very much in progress.

Note: is as of early 2013 not maintained and the domain will not be renewed. is a site that gathers and aggregates all the top rated and newest champion guides for the free-to-play online game League of Legends from different guide communities.

The code to scrape the data is written in Python with the help of BeautifulSoup. Another python program then use the data (stored in a JSON dump file) to generate the whole site's html. A paver script controls the different parts and also auto commits new/changed parts of the site to a local git repository. Automatic FTP upload to the webserver is also possible.


A small project where the end result was a painting for my brother. The idea started with some quick sketches (ink on paper) that inspired me to write a program that generated similar images. I then painted these images on canvas.

Analog → digital → analog.

Example output from the program:

Finished piece:

Source code for the processing program/sketch.


Inspired by evolution and classic turtle graphics, Transturtle lets the user select the most appealing graphical patterns to "breed". This way new, interesting images are generated. Written in Python, with Pyglet.

More, in swedish at Förvillelser.


Experiment with noise and the topological patterns it can create

Phototropic from Roobik on Vimeo.

Update: I've transformed phototropic into a dynamic VJ application, controllable by MIDI and sporting nifty beat detection and animation.


Tool for an alternative approach to sound composing.

Yotau 0.1 from Roobik on Vimeo.


Graviton is a small ANSI C (+SDL) raytracer.


Me and my friends' linux demogroup (2000 - 2005). Inactive nowadays, but there are a couple of productions still available on the PLX site.

Misc graphics